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About Aloe Vera of Australia

The original since 1977

Our Story

The Aloe Vera of Australia story began in 1977, when Jennifer McDougall pioneered the Australian Aloe Vera industry by importing the first Aloe Barbadensis Miller plants into Australia from Mexico, thus establishing Australia’s very first Aloe Vera plantation. Her pioneering efforts in the industry did not go unrecognised; in 2003, Jennifer McDougall was awarded with The Centenary Medal, a testament to her significant contributions
to the industry and to the people of the commonwealth.
For over 45 years Jennifer has worked to develop the highest quality natural products available.

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Jennifer McDougall


Our Mission

Rooted in the belief of Aloe Vera’s capacity to enhance well-being, our mission is to provide a range of natural products, developed to improve health and happiness.
As we understand that good health is the foundation of a good life.
Recognised as a leading supplier of Aloe Vera in Australia, we are continuing to offer the purest Aloe Vera products on the market.

Growing, Processing & Manufacturing

Aloe Vera of Australia’s approach to production is grounded in natural-sustainability and formulation purity. As a naturally renewable resource, the Aloe Vera plant allows for continuous growth and replenishment, since we only harvest the mature outer leaves. Our thoughtful processing includes the removal of Alloin, ensuring that our Aloe juice remains not only pure, but palatable, without compromising its rich nutrient quality.
It is our belief that the best health and wellness solutions come from natural sources, and we strive to deliver high-quality, pure, and effective Aloe Vera products to our customers.

Our juice is tested by an accredited independent laboratory to ensure high quality standards.

Our products are processed, manufactured and bottled in Australia.

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