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About Us – Aloe Vera of Australia

The original, since 1977

Our Story

The story began in 1977 when company founder Jennifer McDougall and family imported the first Aloe Vera Barbadensis-Miller plants into Australia. Jennifer and her family set up the first Australian Aloe Vera plantations and have spent the last 45 years developing and refining products. Offering the highest possible quality, natural range of products, Jennifer has always believed in and lived a healthy lifestyle and knows the importance of a high-quality intake of nutrition and how it impacts the body.

Jennifer McDougall


Our Mission

Providing our customers with Pure Aloe Vera products. We believe in the powerful properties of the Aloe Vera Plant. We have designed a range of products with the highest functional percentages of Aloe Vera.

Our goal is to provide quality Aloe Vera products for health and beauty, which are full of natural goodness with minimal preservatives, naturally gentle on the body, and environmentally friendly.

Growing, Processing & Manufacturing

Only the outer leaves of the mature Aloe Vera plants are harvested, creating a year-round renewable source. The Aloe Vera leaves are hand-filleted and cold-pressed to ensure the rich nutrients, minerals and vitamins are retained. This process also removes the Aloin which is naturally occurring in Aloe Vera. Aloin is the yellowish fluid that sits just below the skin of the Aloe Vera leaves this bitter-tasting substance is removed during hand filleting ensuring consumers get the purest form of Aloe.

The juice is tested by an accredited independent laboratory to ensure high quality standards.

Our products are processed, manufactured and bottled in Australia.

Aloe Vera of Australia products available online now!

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