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Aloe Vera Products

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Our Products

Our products are all about helping your health and wellbeing. We are the main grower of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller in Australia. Our formulas are unique because they are made with functionally high percentages of raw Aloe Vera gel with premium quality ingredients. Our Aloe Vera plants are naturally grown in pristine pollution free plantations. Our plants are grown chemical, phosphate and pesticide free.

Availability & Distribution

We supply and export our products to many major companies under our brand or their own brand if required. We are also the sole supplier to Coles and Woolworths, also supplying health, pharmacy and independent grocers within Australia.

Aloe Vera in Australia

Australia offers ideal conditions for growing Aloe Vera. Its soil is rich in minerals and trace elements. It’s warm, sunny climate lends itself to optimal growing conditions. Our Aloe Vera plants are grown chemical, phosphate and pesticide free. Seaweed fertilisers are used, and plants are watered with pure rainwater. We hand fillet and finely filter the extract to ensure purity and the removal of Aloin.

Export markets include Poland, Romania and Hong Kong. In addition to our wide range of quality Aloe Vera products, we supply many major companies with our raw Aloe Vera extract. Our farms and manufacturing facilities are located throughout eastern Australia.

We are proud to offer a vision and commitment to excellence. Our product range is a unique and comprehensive range of pure, natural, chemical free health and beauty products for the whole family. Our products contain the highest content of Aloe Vera, blended with pure essential oils and herbal and botanical extracts.

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